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Albany Times-Union Article

This article ran in the Albany Times-Union on April 21, 2004. This is the section pertaining to this website.

By Mark Singelais

Lou Pickney, on the other hand, acknowledges that he has "no special NFL connections or inside information."

But that didn't stop Pickney, who lives in Tampa, Fla., from starting the Web site draftking.com last summer.

Pickney, 26, said he expects to receive 20,000 hits a day on his site this week, which includes a frequently updated mock draft and draft news. It also has a "mailbag" section where fans can offer feedback.

Pickney, whose day job is working for a radio talk show host, said he's simply a "casual fan" and former high school player who also participates in fantasy football leagues.

"And there I was, a sports fan in his mid-20s... having my opinions read by a swarm of football fans," Pickney wrote via e-mail. "It was, and still is, a real thrill."

Pickney said his mock drafts usually are accurate in the top 10 picks, then "fairly decent" later in the first round.

Pickney says he makes "some money" via Internet advertising, but declined to say how much.

"It's nothing to replace my day job -- not that I'd want to -- but it is a fun way to communicate with people literally around the world on a topic that interests me greatly."

The NFL draft, it seems, is a topic that fascinates many.