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Lou: This week there will be a daily report here on Draft King direct from Mobile, Alabama, the site of the Senior Bowl on Saturday after noon. This comes as a special from the outstanding website, which has been a must-visit web information source for me for the past several years. Enjoy!

January 23, 2008

Senior Bowl: Day 3 Tidbits
By: Richard Garcia,

Throughout these three cold, gloomy days at Ladd-Peebles Stadium, I've been fortunate enough to meet and see a lot of the minds that make the National Football League great. Today for example, brought several new faces to the field, including Cleveland Browns head coach Romeo Crennel, New York Jets head coach Eric Mangini, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Herm Edwards, Arizona Cardinals head coach Ken Whisenhunt, Dallas Cowboys head coach Wade Phillips, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid, University of Southern California head coach Pete Carroll and former Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl winning quarterback Trent Dilfer.

With another day of practice in the books, it is time to discuss how the seniors looked in their second to last practice before they clash Saturday, Jan. 26.

A couple of fights broke out among the South squad. In one altercation, two players threw several punches at one another while still wearing their helmets. The coaching staff eventually broke it up, and neither player was removed from the field of play.

During San Francisco 49ers and the South's head coach Mike Nolan's press conference that followed the third day of practice he was asked to respond to the fights. When asked if he thought it was a positive or negative, Nolan replied, "Positive." He believes that when two guys fight, it's because they care about something, and if you don't fight over it then you don't care about it. Personally, I couldn't agree more. He also joked about how punching in the stomach made more sense, since it was the least covered portion of the upper body, and laughed that punching in the facemask wasn't the brightest move.

The day also showed some calmer emotions and good football plays. University of California-Berkley running back Justin Forsett continued to show how dynamic of a back he is, looking extremely quick when matched up against a linebacker in drills. He also broke a 40-yard run while the North squad was in team drills.

University of Southern California running back Chauncey Washington hadn't done anything to impress me up to this point, until today. He broke off a big run while in team drills and looked as though he picked up his overall play today.

In what was probably the best play of the day, Cal wide receiver Lavelle Hawkins made a tremendous catch on a streak pattern. The play accumulated more than 40 yards and brought a loud roar from the stands that had a large group of high school kids looking on.

There were some injuries of note today as well. Louisiana State wide receiver Early Doucet (hamstring), who had set himself apart from the other South receivers, was a no show for practice today, after he tweaked his hamstring in Tuesday's practice. Coach Nolan is hopeful that he can play, but if he isn't able to participate in practice the next two days, he will likely head on home. Appalachian State wide receiver Dexter Jackson would replace Doucet, according to Nolan.

A couple of injuries that occurred today involved University of Michigan defensive back Jamar Adams (undisclosed) and Michigan linebacker Shawn Crable (undisclosed). Adams injury wasn't made known and he walked into the locker room after receiving some attention from one of the coaches. Crable suffered an apparent lower back and knee injury when being attended to on the sidelines. He later returned to the field without his helmet and watched the remainder of practice.

Thursday, Jan. 24, we will be returning to KFFL's headquarters in Southern California. I fear that I may not have been here long enough, especially when hearing that Mardi Gras festivities will resume the day I leave!


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