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December 13, 2008
Lou Pickney,

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Some various thoughts on a Saturday night as I watch the 1984 Boston College at Miami game on the CBS College Football channel:

-The Heisman Trophy presentation is tonight and likely will be complete by the time you read this. Tim Tebow vs. Sam Bradford vs. Colt McCoy is going down to the wire, though Bradford is the projected winner according to the great site Back-to-back sophomore winners would be interesting. Then again, if Tebow comes back to Florida, he could be the Grover Cleveland of Heisman Trophy winners by landing a second trophy in 2009.

-I heard Mack Brown on ESPN radio tonight talking about Colt McCoy and as if McCoy coming back to Austin (which he has said he plans to do) is a done deal. I never count a guy out for going into the draft early until the deadline, but it seems like McCoy really is returning to Texas in 2008. Mack Brown is very good at talking players into staying through their senior year.

-The Colts/Giants 1958 NFL Championship Game (the "greatest game ever played") is on tonight after the Heisman presentation. What makes it unique to me is that they took the game film, which was in black-and-white, and did the Ted Turner thing with it and colorized it. Turner did horrible things to some great films (do yourself a favor and NEVER watch the colorized version of Casablanca), but the clips I've seen of that Colts/Giants game in color have been quite impressive. I have no idea how they do it but, wow, it certainly gives a new look to a classic game.

By the way, how crazy is it that the fans stormed the field and tore down the goalposts when it was the Colts who beat the Giants and the game was played in New York? When will we ever see that again in a pro game, let alone any game? The closest I can think of in the past ten years was ECU borrowing NC State's football stadium for a home game versus the #9 Miami Hurricanes in September 1999 (ECU's stadium was damaged by Hurricane Floyd) and then ECU's fans tearing down NC State's goalposts when East Carolina pulled the upset win.

-My alma mater, Evansville, is actually on TV tonight as they host Western Kentucky on one of the Fox College Sports channels (in the 600 range on DirecTV) in men's basketball tonight. I mention this since it's been more than ten years since UE dropped its football program. They literally dropped the program while I was in school there (I used to broadcast their games on WUEV). I'm still not happy about the death of UE football; I have a long memory, particularly for things like that.

-Ole Miss DT Peria Jerry keeps looking more and more like a strong top 15 type pick. This is not a particularly notable draft for defensive tackles, particularly for guys who have playmaking ability like Jerry.

-For those of you who care, I have my college bowl picks (for most bowls) ATS up here. I also like Boise State to beat TCU with or without points. Last year I did well giving advice to my cousin in his pick 'em pool, which lead to him asking for help this year and thus the article... Anyway, it's there if you want to read it, and if not that's okay, too. I usually can pick early season college football pretty well, but overall I'm not Scott Ferrall. Shake it up!


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