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February 10, 2008
Lou Pickney,

Reader feedback is always welcomed here at Send your thoughts to me at

From: Brian Wallin
Date: Feb 4, 2008 4:22 PM
Subject: Packers Draft

I love the site, been using it the past few years, and it always get's better. You provider great reasoning and summaries of the players and where they are going. My question relates to the Packers. I agree with you that CB not RB is one of their main needs, but I wonder whether CB or OT is a deeper position in this years draft. As Al Harris, and Charles Woodson are getting older so to are Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher. I could definitely see the Packers using an early round pick possibly even their first round pick to bring in some OT depth. Not that I think Will Blackmon, Jarret Bush or Traman Williams are gonna be the next Al Harris, but they appear to be a better group then the backup OT's that the Packers have on their roster right now. Do you think that Sam Baker out of USC could fall that far?? Are their any top tier Tackles that would fit into the Packers zone blocking scheme??

Lou: From where the Packers will be drafting in round one (the #30 spot), I'd imagine that the team will have good choices at both corner and offensive line. The team has been very careful at building via the draft, and I fully expect them to be future-thinking with their first round pick.

There is a decent chance that USC OT Sam Baker will be on the board when they pick, and he would be a great addition to the team. He's both talented and versatile, and he would be a nice fit on the team.

It wouldn't surprise me if the Packers traded down from #30 into round two, since they don't have any huge holes that need to be filled, and they should have similar options a few spots down the line. It also wouldn't surprise me if the Pack land one of the great RBs who will be in this draft at some point in the first three rounds.

From: Robert Sawicki
Date: Feb 5, 2008 5:01 PM
Subject: NFL Draft and NFL Free Agency

Whats up Lou its Rob with a few quick questions for you. First I was curious with your thoughts on who you see as some possibly sleepers in this years draft? Maybe if you could give us some sleeper picks rounds 2-7 and some great value picks in those rounds. We all know you are very knowledgable of the top prospects but for me atleast I would like to see your thoughts on a few players who will be drafted in later rounds who you think will have an impact in the NFL. Also one quick thought on the Pac-Man Jones saga, On a local sports talk show here in Detroit (The Ticket 97.1 FM) they asked the question would you want pac-man on the Lions? 95% of fans said YES and I was one of them. I guess the Titans are gonna move him, so the way I look at it is why wouldn't you give up a 5th or 6th round draft pick for him. He is very talented and would help for sure if he could stay out of trouble (who knows unless you give him a chance). The other thing to consider is since Matt Millen has taken over there hasn't been a player drafted in rounds 3-7 (beside Cory Redding) who has made any contribuations of any sorts, so I guess what I'm saying is that 5th or 6th round pick that it would take to get Jones is a safer risk then any player drafted by Matt Millen. What do you think Lou?

Quentin Groves
Quentin Groves is a talented player. (Icon SMI)
Lou: It's hard for me to call him a sleeper, but Auburn OLB/DE Quentin Groves would be a sleeper/steal pick anywhere from round two on down. Maryland OLB Erin Henderson is another potential day one sleeper pick who could turn into a big-time contributor.

If Vanderbilt WR Earl Bennett is still on the board in round three, he presents good value. Other possible sleepers in that round include USC QB John David Booty, If you want some true sleepers, D-II Newberry OT Heath Benedict (a transfer from Tennessee) is a lineman who could, in the right system, make an impact with his unusal quickness for the position by moving to guard. Iowa State DT Ahtyba Rubin, at 6'3" 320, could end up as a solid situational guy against the run. Arkansas FB/TE hybrid Peyton Hillis is perhaps a better-known name, and he can both block and, if needed, carry the ball effectively. And, if you're looking for a potential value special teams guy, Appalachian State WR/KR Dexter Jackson is an intriguing prospect with sub 4.4 speed. He's 5'9" 180, and he made it into the Senior Bowl mix when Early Doucet left via injury. But a team needing a speed guy might land Jackson in round four or five and fill a need in a nice value position.

The Titans are ready to trade Pac-Man Jones, but until the NFL reinstates him, that's not going to happen. The danger for Detroit could be dealing for him with the thought that he'd be able to become an immediate shutdown #1 corner. Jones missed all of 2007, and while he was electric in 2006, between the time off and the off-the-field nightmares he can create, I'd suggest that Lions fans be careful what they wish for with him. But, if Detroit can get him for a late round pick, he is worth at least being given one more chance.

Date: Feb 5, 2008 8:34 PM
Subject: Dallas Cowboys Draft Picks

What do you think about Dallas using one of their 2 first round picks to take Fred Davis TE USC. He would add an immediate threat in the passing game. I'm just not set on Anthony Fasano, could use him to trade up, perhaps to the dolphins pick in the second round and still get a good running back to complement Barber. Witten and Davis together could wreak havoc on defensive backs. The Cowboys would get the results they were looking for when they drafted Fasono. I would also like to see them look at Quentin Groves or the DT from Auburn, you can never have enough defense.

Lou: I'm not particularly keen about Dallas going tight end in round one. They have a very good receiving tight end in the form of Jason Witten, and they also have underrated tight end Anthony Fasano out of Notre Dame. Fasano has been overshadowed by Witten, but he is a talented player in his own right. Meanwhile, with Dallas having a number of other spots to fill (WR, DB, CB), I'd think the team would be much better off not doing that.

I agree about the Cowboys looking at Groves being a good idea. Groves doesn't look like a first-round pick at this point, which is insane to me, but that is what the scouts are saying. If Dallas can trade down into the second round and perhaps land Groves there, that might be a good option.

From: Steve Connacher
Date: Feb 6, 2008 5:56 PM
Subject: Chargers needs

In analyzing the Chargers' needs, you have to start by looking at which roster spots will be opening up this off-season. Drayton Florence and Michael Turner are both gone as UFAs, so right there are immediate needs at CB and backup RB. Additional departures that seems likely are Marlon McCree at S, Lorenzo Neal at FB, and Malcolm Floyd at WR either released or not resigned. Finally, Roman Oben at OT was cut at the end of last season. That leaves roster spots at RB, CB, S, FB, WR, and OT.

WR will be addressed by Eric Parker coming off IR this year, making this position arguably the strongest on the team with Chambers, Jackson, Parker, Davis, Naanee, and Osgood. Word out of SD is that last year's supplemental pick, Paul Oliver, will switch to safety since he might not be fast enough to play NFL corner… they also have Weddle who will start in place of McCree. Neal might not be replaced at FB, as they can get by with Pinnock and Nannee as FB or H-Back in Turner's offense. I also do not see a need at ILB, as Anthony Waters had a redshirt year in 2007 and will challenge Matt Wilhelm in 2008.

In my opinion, the Chargers go for CB with their first round pick. They need a nickel back to move in and play immediately behind Cromartie and Jammer. I don't see them going that high for a RB, as it is well known that quality backup RBs can be found in later rounds (a la Michael Turner). They go for a RB with their supplemental pick in round 4. They then can go for OL and DL depth in the late rounds. They might also surprise us and take OLB, since behind Phillips and Merriman they are a little thin at that position.

Lou: The Chargers have to think long and hard about trading down from that first round slot they're in, simply because they don't have any other picks until round five. But, until they do, it's interesting to contemplate what moves they might make with their late first rounder.

I disagree about using a first round pick on a corner. With Antonio Cromartie's breakout, coupled with the presence of Quentin Jammer, that would seem to be positional overkill there to me. Even if Paul Oliver moves to safety, there are other ways to add depth at corner that won't involve using the big pick on it.

A backup running back is in order, but there will be guys on the free agent market who can fill that role. A rookie would be very nice to add there in this RB-rich draft, but again that means either a trade or waiting until round five to bring in that backup. So we'll see...


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