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May 15, 2008
Lou Pickney,

Reader feedback is always welcomed here at Send your thoughts to me at

From: Mike Torbert
Date: Fri, May 2, 2008 at 5:45 PM
Subject: Good 08 Draft Lou!

Good job with the draft. You nailed the Felix Jones selection, and it was a tough draft to predict, especially with all the trades.

Do you do fantasy football? What league? I might send you an invite to my league for the hell of it.

Thanks for your help Lou, and I am sure I will see you next year!!

Lou: Thanks for the potential invite, Mike, but I've found that three leagues is my limit. Any more than that and it fries my brain.

The one that I care the most about is my keeper league,, a league that dates back to 1992. In the early days, you had to wait until the Monday newspaper came out to get the box scores, which would be scored by hand. I joined the league in 1994, and it's been great fun even since. There are some really smart people in there, graduates from Princeton and Notre Dame and Purdue and Michigan and NYU law school and the Wharton school of business. I'm the two-time defending champ there, though my buddy Phil went 13-1 in the regular season in 2007 only to lose to a .500 team in the semifinals, a team that I promptly routed in Fantasy Bowl XVI.

Along with that, I'm in non-keeper leagues with friends in Florida and a Yahoo! league with family and friends here in Nashville. I've found, though, that you have to pick one team to care about if you are in multiple leagues. If you have Frank Gore in one league but are playing against him in another, you will forever be conflicted unless you have one you truly care about.

It's also possible that I've put entirely too much thought into this, but that wouldn't be the first time I've been accused of such behavior.

A few years ago, I launched a now-shuttered website with the idea of giving advice for fantasy football fans. But I didn't have the time needed to give it the proper attention it deserved, and what's worse was that rival team owners found the site and used it to anticipate my moves in the draft. So that was the end of that. If I ever relaunch a fantasy football advice website, I'll do so under a pseudonym.

From: Sam Schrank
Date: Thu, May 15, 2008 at 4:51 PM
Subject: reggie smith

Hey Lou
(I mean "king") looks like you got Reggie Smith, CB OK, gettin drafted twice there bud. He's a forty-ninny (#75 overall in the 08 draft) Also, PLEASE tell me you DON'T honestly think the VIKINGS will draft any higher than 18th??? You've got Houston and Buffalo picking after them? WHAT??? We're hoping for at LEAST 10-6- It's HIGHLY possible. I think GB will be dethroned, least I HOPE so. Have a good off-season king lou.

Lou: Yep, I screwed that one up. That old mock draft (which has since been updated) had Reggie Smith in it. And, no, this isn't another Roy Williams or Adrian Peterson double name situation. Thanks for the heads-up.

When it comes to projecting the order of the next draft, I turn to the place that has a huge stake in getting it right: Las Vegas. The order I use in the draft at this time of the year comes from the Vegas odds of the 32 NFL teams winning the Super Bowl. I used to attempt to guess on the order, but that simply served to entice people to write in to debate that (instead of discussing players or taking me to task on my projections), and projecting the order of NFL teams isn't the point of the site. If I knew now how the 2008 NFL season would turn out, I'd be living in a luxury penthouse in Vegas.

Minnesota's projected odds of winning the Super Bowl improved after the retirement of Brett Favre, but it wasn't enough to move them way down in the draft pecking order. To point, the latest order has them at #21, up one spot from #20 (where I had them initially.)


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